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Comment on the snap General Election

Commenting, Margaret Ferrier MP said:

“Theresa May’s announcement follows her continued denial that she would call a snap election – having previously cited stability and certainty as reasons not to hold one. This massive U-turn shows that she is putting the interests of her party ahead of those of the United Kingdom. It is opportunism, plain and simple – the Prime Minister is clearly seizing upon the shambolic state of the Labour Party in an attempt to increase her small majority.

“In the face of a right-wing hard Tory Brexit from a Government who continue to punish the poorest through an ideological obsession with austerity, the choice in Scotland will be clear-cut; only the SNP will put Scotland first, standing up to a Tory Government that thinks it can do whatever it wants despite having no mandate north of the border.

“It has been the greatest honour and privilege of my life to represent Rutherglen and Hamilton West at Westminster. I have been the strong voice that I promised during my election campaign – contributing more than any other Scottish MP at Parliament – and a champion for the diverse and distinct communities across Rutherglen, Cambuslang, Halfway, Blantyre, and Hamilton West.

“I fully intend to seek re-election so that I may continue the job that I have started. Between now and June 8th, I and my party colleagues will work harder than ever to retain the trust of the Scottish people.”


The majority of people in Scotland recognise the benefits of international students with 83 per cent agreeing they should be able to work in the UK for a fixed period of time after they have graduated, rather than return immediately to their home country after completing their studies.

The polling conducted by ComRes on behalf of Universities UK demonstrates strong support among the general public for international students and piles pressure on Theresa May to stop including them in immigration figures.

The polling found:

  • In relation to the UK government’s immigration policy, only 27% of adults in Scotland think of international students as immigrants
  • 71% of adults in Scotland think international students have a positive impact on the local economies of the towns and cities in which they study
  • 67% of adults in Scotland agree that this economic contribution helps to create jobs
  • 70% of adults in Scotland think that international students have a valuable social and cultural impact on the towns and cities in which they live
  • 83% of adults in Scotland agree that international students should be able to work in the UK for a fixed period of time after they have graduated, rather than immediately return to their home country after completing their study

A report last year by the Scottish Affairs Committee found an “overwhelming consensus” among Scotland’s academic and business communities for a post study work visa for Scotland.

Commenting, Margaret Ferrier MP, a member of the Scottish Affairs Committee said:

“The SNP have repeatedly called for the reintroduction of the post study work visa, which allowed international students to remain in Scotland and work after graduation. The call has been backed by businesses, colleges and universities, and has cross party support in the Scottish Parliament amongst every political party represented in Holyrood.

“Scotland has been challenged by the UK Government to grow its population and use what is available within its powers to develop our working age population. A post study work scheme is an easy and convenient way for Westminster to assist with this without any cost to itself.

“The message is clear: allow us to keep some of the international students that we educate to such a high standard and invite them to help us grow our economy. Westminster can’t have it both ways –if it is up to us to grow our population then Scotland should control the means to do just that.”



New ComRes poll: majority of British public would like to see the same number or more international students


Blantyre SNP politicians Margaret Ferrier MP and Clare Haughey MSP have demanded that local residents be fully involved in any consultation over the fresh plans which have been submitted by Clean Power Properties for an energy recovery centre at Whistleberry Road in Hamilton.

The project, which has received significant opposition from local communities and politicians, is currently undergoing pre-application consultation over changes which include increasing the stack size from 25 metres to 90 metres.

Iceni Projects, working on behalf of the developer, have announced consultation events in Bothwell Community Hall on Friday 21st April from 2pm to 7pm and at Whitehill Neighbourhood Centre Saturday 22nd April from 10am to 3pm.

In a joint statement, Clare Haughey MSP and Margaret Ferrier MP said:

“We will not accept the developer’s pre-application consultation stage as sufficient while Blantyre is being ignored. If the developer is truly genuine about wanting to engage with the local community, then they simply cannot exclude Blantyre.

“This project has been massively controversial, and these consultation events cannot just pay lip service – they must genuinely engage with residents over their worries. The size of the stack, the potential environmental impact and the negative influence of property value are all of concern to our Blantyre constituents.



Copy of letter to Iceni Projects


Rutherglen Lawn Tennis Club, which recently won club of the year at the Tennis Scotland Awards, has been praised for their successes at Westminster with a Parliamentary motion tabled by local MP Margaret Ferrier.

The Early Day Motion commends the club, coach Jonny Wilcox, and president Gareth Ellor for a “tremendous start to 2017”, whilst it highlights their successful Return to Splendour campaign which will see the tennis club expand into the derelict courts at Burnside Bowling Club. Ms Ferrier’s motion has been supported by no less than 20 MPs – including former First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond MP.

Commenting, Margaret Ferrier MP said:

“Rutherglen Lawn Tennis Club is a real asset to our local community, so I was delighted to hear that they and their coach Jonny Wilcox had been successful at this year’s Tennis Scotland Awards.

“This is shaping up to be a great year for the club, and I wish them all the best going forward with their exciting expansion”.



Online version of Early Day Motion:  

Full text of Early Day Motion:


That this House congratulates Rutherglen Lawn Tennis Club for a tremendous start to 2017; notes that at this year’s prestigious Tennis Scotland Awards, Rutherglen Lawn Tennis Club won club of the year, whilst its head coach Jonny Wilcox won Coach of the Year; further notes that through its Return to Splendour campaign it was successful in securing substantial funding to save and expand into courts at Burnside Bowling Club, allowing for it to increase its already sizeable membership; acknowledges that the club is an amazing asset to the community in Rutherglen as it provides a great outlet for promoting healthier living, as well as giving opportunities to boost social interaction; commends its members, its passionate volunteers and, in particular its president Gareth Ellor, who have worked incredibly hard to make their club the success that it is; and wishes Rutherglen Lawn Tennis Club a long and prosperous future.


Local MP Margaret Ferrier has welcomed the success of Cambuslang’s Cinnamon in an online vote to find the area’s best South Asian restaurant as part of the annual Tiffin Cup competition.

Ms Ferrier held the poll on her Facebook page last week to help determine her entry into the UK-wide competition, which is organised by MPs to find the best South Asian restaurant across the UK.

Cinammon beat off competition from two other participating local restaurants in the online vote, which closed on Friday 24 March. The winning restaurant will now be put forward by Ms Ferrier to compete in the Tiffin Cup at UK level.

Commenting, Margaret Ferrier MP said:

“I am delighted that Cambuslang’s Cinammon restaurant has been chosen by the public as my entry in the Tiffin Cup competition 2017 and would like to congratulate them on their success.

“Instead of selecting one South Asian restaurant myself, I wanted to make sure my choice was the public’s pick, and that’s why I held an online poll on my Facebook page to choose my nomination.

“Last year, Mushtaq’s of Hamilton won the top prize in Scotland and went on to compete in the UK-wide final in London, and I wish Cinammon all the best as they seek to achieve similar or even greater success.”