Blantyre SNP politicians Margaret Ferrier MP and Clare Haughey MSP have secured an undertaking following a meeting with the developer of a controversial ‘incinerator’ that a consultation event will be held in Blantyre.

The victory comes after locals were angered that Blantyre was seemingly overlooked for discussion of fresh plans recently submitted by Clean Power Properties for an energy recovery centre at Whistleberry Road in Hamilton.

The proposed plant, which has received significant opposition from locals, is currently undergoing pre-application consultation over changes which include increasing the stack size from 25 metres to 90 metres.

The developer behind the project held events similar events in Bothwell and Whitehill over the past weekend.

In a joint statement, Clare Haughey MSP and Margaret Ferrier MP said:

“We were not prepared to accept the developer’s pre-application consultation stage as sufficient while Blantyre was being ignored, and are glad that they have now agreed to hold one. The local community in Blantyre deserve to be heard, and this event will give them the perfect opportunity to engage with those behind the project.

“This project has been massively controversial, and these consultation events cannot just pay lip service – they must genuinely engage with residents over their worries. The size of the stack, the potential environmental impact and the negative influence of property value are all of concern to our Blantyre constituents.



The meeting between the developer, Margaret Ferrier MP and Clare Haughey MSP took place on Friday (21 April) as a result of a letter sent by the parliamentarians. Details of this can be found at

Further details of the Blantyre consultation event are expected to be announced next week.


  1. My residential property boundary fence is approx 4 meters from the proposed boundary fence of the incinerator. The path that lorries will have to use is used daily by a lot of local residents and there are often deers seen on the path and in the area where the incinerator would be built. What about us? What about our health problems or any that may arise from this proposed incinerator build. I worry for myself, my children and my community.

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