Margaret Ferrier has hailed broadband cabinet upgrades in Newton Farm, calling it “a very welcome end to this long-running saga”.

The Cambuslang MP has been campaigning for a year and a half to ensure that residents secure access to high speed fibre broadband, and although some upgrades have already been deployed, a large number of residents are still lacking reliable web connections due to capacity issues on some broadband cabinets in the estate.

It has now been confirmed in an email from Openreach to Ms Ferrier that two broadband cabinets which serve the area are in the process of having their capacity increased, with work expected to be complete by the end of March.

Local MSP Clare Haughey recently secured assurances from the Scottish Government that it will take steps to ensure that residents of new housing developments do not suffer the same ordeal in future.

Commenting, Margaret Ferrier MP said:

“This is a very welcome end to this long-running saga. Newton Farm’s distance from the exchange means that conventional broadband speeds are incredibly slow on the estate – reportedly not even good enough to stream video properly.

“Fast internet is becoming a modern necessity – something far more than a luxury. Many Newton Farm constituents have contacted me to advise of how this has stopped them working from home, and damaged their businesses.

“Although we have already been successful in having high-speed fibre broadband rolled out in the area, high demand resulted in some homes being able to connect due to capacity issues on local cabinets. These upgrades will ensure that everyone will be able to access the service.”



Email from Openreach:

Dear Margaret

I’m replying to your letter of 11 January to Clive Selley on behalf of your constituents in Newton Farm, Cambuslang.

I appreciate your constituents frustration at being unable to obtain fibre broadband at the present time, and have looked into this.

As you are aware, this area is served by Cambuslang exchange via cabinets 19 and 36. The takeup of fibre broadband at both these cabinets have been unexpectedly high which sadly means that we have run out of capacity to take any new orders.

However, the good news is that we are now in the process of increasing capacity to both these cabinets by installing additional infrastructure. This is complex civil engineering work and the estimated completion date is by the end of March 2017. I should add that this date is subject to change if we experience any unforeseen technical issues.

I suggest that your constituents keeps in touch with their own Service Providers who can place an order once this work has been completed. They can also keep an eye on our web link below which is updated with our latest plans:


When both these cabinets are ready to accept new fibre broadband orders the information will be given via this link.

I’m sorry we cannot provide an immediate resolution for your constituents involved here but I trust they will be encouraged to know that we are working on a solution to increase capacity so that fibre broadband is available to more residents in the local area.

Kind Regards

Sharon Layton
Customer Resolutions
High level Complaints


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